Our Safe Dynamic Forex Program

City Of Investment Safe Dynamic Forex Program is an automated Forex trading system and has an absolute return strategy implemented to seek and deliver positive returns regardless of market direction. They pursue opportunities in mainly three currencies ensuring consistent risk adjusted returns using its core selection.

Our Safe Dynamic Forex Program trades with GBP/USD, EUR/JPY and GBP/JPY Forex pairs only. Other Forex pairs will be traded if there is opportunity to exploit the Forex market,

Style: Trend Following

Description: Identify trends with various indicators and signals generated at start of trend formation with various retracements.

Entry: When new trends are identified, the system initiates longs and shorts

Stops: Pre-determined stop losses are placed immediately upon entry. Stop losses are updated hourly basis using trailing method after a few hours if the trade is still active and has not closed.

Profit: There are no pre-determined take profit targets, as system provides an exit signal when trend is exhausted using indicator Aurora Range.

Risk: Risk is allocated across each individual trade.


City Of Investment Safe Dynamic Forex Program strives to deliver superior, long-term results for our clients.

Our Safe Dynamic Forex Program has been running since 2002 without any updates or modifications.


Risk Management

City Of Investment Safe Dynamic Forex Program places the utmost importance on managing risk for all its clients across all our currency traded pairs. Responsible risk management is central and critical to our entire business.

City Of Investment Safe Dynamic Forex Program accordingly has a disciplined approach to identifying, evaluating and managing risk through a comprehensive and rigorous risk management process which is reviewed regularly.

City Of Investment Safe Dynamic Forex program comes with Equity Protection Management for managed Forex accounts. This secure investment feature provides enhanced and flexible control over risk and exposure.

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