At City Of Investment we have a clear mission: To help our clients in achieving their investment objectives at the least risk possible and responsibility to protect the assets they have accumulated and to provide a level of comfort with their investments in the Forex markets.

Providing peace of mind is essential in helping clients make the right decisions, especially when their emotions might persuade them to do otherwise.

Managed Investment Company

Our clients are serious investors. They are not interested in gambling with their money, and would rather deal with a reliable and profitable online investment management company instead of a bank with low interest.

Our cut above the rest automated Forex trading system applies low leverage as well as unique time-proven risk-management techniques which allow our investment company to significantly minimize the risk in Forex trading and generate above average profit.

How It works ?

You invest money in your personal online City Of Investment managed Forex account held with a regulated Forex broker, and your money deposit starts trading on Forex. The average monthly profit, generated by our trading system, appears in your City Of Investment account and can be withdrawn or reinvested at any time.

The volume of profit trades is much bigger than the volume of loss trades, that’s why investors become prosperous with City Of Investment.

City Of Investment guarantees safety to every client’s investments. City Of Investment reinvests profits into the company. Compound interest is the miracle of City Of Investment.

I Choose Financial Freedom

how can we help you?

Contact us if you have any questions about our managed Forex accounts and let our experts in money markets help you.

I am a young investor and my parents have taught me early in life to make the future I want. So I thought out of the box and have invested with City Of Investment. I looked at the impressive performance history and saw how easy it is to invest online with a few simple steps. After 15 months of investment, I am satisfied with my returns and I can live the future I want.

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Ryan Fletcher
Ryan Fletcher, Australia

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